A good friend forwarded this Why Top Employee’s Quit.
This is usually and issue that top Exec’s don’t even get to see, because it’s handled by middle managers or they have it’s not my job attitude. It’s all about the environment my favorite quote from this article is “$30K a year with a company full of stiffs is worse to me than $28,500 with a fun energetic company”

It’s a good little read and very informative

Another Good link from the same site is 50% Ways a Manager Can Get Employees to Quit

I was thinking about a couple things….yea i know “max you think?!?!?’

Did you know that the RaisePostDataChanged event is called after all your Load events are called, and this is right before Your postback event is called. This is so that you cant muck up your data on page_load() before it gets to your lets say Textbox.Click event.

Why is this help full to us, well this means that on page load or pre init we can see if the control has changed since its last postback. How?

Well you can still get to the new data from the Request object using the controls ClientID.

You can to this by Request.ServerVariables[Control.ControlID]

so we can create a method like:

public bool hasChanged(TextBox ctr)
return Request[Control.ControlID].Equals(ctr.Text);

its just the simple and we can subclass any control and do that.
we could also save the original loading value into viewstate.