XAML – Expressions Design

So I have been getting into XAML, And actually witting the markup by hand. And it reminds
me of java and how we had to arrange the UI with the swing components using panes. But for the most part it was basically the same except it was all done in XML instead of programmatic (even though you can still do it programmatically WPF).

Then i went and downloaded the trial edition of Microsoft Expression Design… Think Flash meets Photoshop. You get all the Glits of photoshop and the vector graphics of flash. So i created a small project and placed objects, applied a couple filters to give it the Photoshop type glitz. So i got curios what would the the XAML file look like after i export it. I exported it to a XAML file and opended it in notepad. Man it was huge…but i could understand what was going on still….so you still have the option of going in and tweaking things by hand. You could never get those effects with out a design tool, it would just drive you insane

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