Allen & Gerritsen Website 2.0

Designed ByCharlie Guerrero
Developed By: Myself and  co-developed with Aaron L’Heureux
Technology: PHP, Flash,  jquery, Word Press, MySQL, Flickr, and YouTube

Note: We were tasked with creating a site that would pull in content from a&g blog, Flickr, and YouTube allowing seamless cross linking between the different sections and do it all 4 weeks. This meant writing a middle layer communications api that would query the wordpress database(standard feed from wordpress were not sufficient), Flickr and YouTube  that would return simple formatted XML to be used by Flash. Content Association was done by using common naming scheme for tags accross all frameworks. This design choice gave us a decentralized way of managing content.

Allen & Gerritsen

Allen & Gerritsen

As you view the video below remember that videos are streamed from YouTube and Images are streamed from Flickr

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