The meaningless twit ( twitter )

If you think that twitter is infallible then stop reading now…. Ok still with me good. Like many people I know we believe that twitter could be a use full messaging system. But as of late it has become 80% noise, posts about you just getting in your car and arriving at work is really just noise. There is really no use full information there, I call these people the “nit-twits“. Keep that on your facebook/myspace pages because if you make post like the one previously mentioned then most likely you have an account. The idea is short meaning  full messages, and that kinda got lost.

Twobble with Twitters (very funny video and proves the point)

Effective uses of twitter (whether they are evil and using it for financial an personal gains is irrelevant):

News Alerts

While a bad execution because i don’t believe CNN needs 5+ twitter account, the idea of having headlines on twitter is appealing because most of the time when you listen to the news you only take back with you the headlines and then, maybe, sometimes if you are really really interested you will sit down and look it up.

Artists connecting with their fans

Bad example Jessica Simpson “I love La Mer. Is it bad that I want my pool filled with it? I could jump in and just swim.”  …ok so maybe that’s was too easy. Good Example Metallica “A Few Thoughts From Cleveland at 3 am: IT’S BEEN special..”

Software Updates

Companies announcing update, patches or new release  of software.

In the end if you want twitter to succeed help it become more than just a fad, right now they only make money by investors…eventually they want return on investment and there just going to end up owning meaningless noise.

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